We are a charitable mentoring program established to introduce the prospects of a maritime career to youngsters from disadvantaged or less-advantaged backgrounds.


An introduction to all aspects of the Superyacht industry from the dry docks, sail makers to architects and support service industries


With a wealth of life and sailing experience to share, Captains Phil and Anthony makes sure the boys learn more than just sailing skills.


Practical hands on sailing experience across all aspects


Practical navigation skills are taught whilst under sail so that theory can become practice


While reminiscing over lunch in Mallorca, two semi-retired South African yacht-captains were reflecting upon what a wonderful and exciting life they had led. Old sea-stories were shared at the table and it became apparent that the career paths of these two mariners had been remarkably similar, and much adventure and good fortune had come their way on the high seas and in faraway harbours.


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Making Maritime News

Marine Inspirations are donating an L26 yacht to Lawhill Maritime Centre as covered Maritime Review Africa in their newsletter . The benefits of sail training for a seafarer cannot be underestimated and many have tried to revive the era of sail training in South Africa without much success. …

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Palma October 2106 Diary

Palma October 2106 - DIARY DAY 1 At midday on Sunday we met all five of the boys on schedule at Palma Airport, piled into two cars and drove to the Aloha J of Cariba. After they had settled into...
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Big Bottle of Wine Party Cape Town 2016

Sat 3rd December 2016 The Inaugral Cape Town Big Bottle of Wine Party We are raising money to pay for an ‘L26’ sailing boat, which General Botha Bursary Fund will be donating to Lawhill Maritime...
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Palma SYC 2016 Days 12-14 (+Gallery)

Palma SYC 2016 Race Days 12-14 (+Gallery) Day 12. 0900 – after a quick breakfast and a shower, the day started with a fascinating visit to ObjectPrint, a 3D object-printing company which...
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The trip definitely made me see the maritime industry in a broader light – that it wasn’t only about cargo and big cargo ships but also about people .. when it comes to yachting its very much about the the people, the lifestyle and the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Before the trip I was very set on pursuing my career in the commercial industry – on large ships – but the superyacht industry is definitely of interest. My plan is to get a second mates ticket in engineering on big ships and then work in the superyacht industry because I simply fell in love with the work environment.

Bradley Felix

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