We are a charitable mentoring program established to introduce the prospects of a maritime career to youngsters from disadvantaged or less-advantaged backgrounds.

Phil’s Cape to Rio Fundraiser and Race Diary


An introduction to all aspects of the Superyacht industry from the dry docks, sail makers to architects and support service industries


With a wealth of life and sailing experience to share, Captains Phil and Anthony makes sure the boys learn more than just sailing skills.


Practical hands on sailing experience across all aspects


Practical navigation skills are taught whilst under sail so that theory can become practice

Nexus and the Honeycomb Conjecture

The Bees use the shape of a hexagon to build their honeycombs, they somehow knew before we did that this is the most efficient shape. This shape produces the least amount of waste

The shortest path is a circle

The universe is clear. The circle is a sanctified shape. The elliptical movement of heavenly bodies,
the elliptical shape of things is telling us something indeed.

The Stars of the Show

On the 24th of November we had our Annual prize giving. I look forward to this event,
because we get to meet the parents and guardians of our students. Normally when kids
are involved in a sport, they are supported by their parents.

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