UPDATE: Big Bottle of Wine Party – Palma 2019




Each year the Big Bottle of Wine Party gets better and better and this
year was no exception.

This year the party was held at the Hotel Horizonte which overlooks the
harbour and has fantastic views. Our party was held in the Panorama
Bar which is well named with glass windows right across the front and
has a 3 meter square screen on which we posted our Marine
Inspirations photos, very well received and an excellent showcase for
what we do.

We had 130 people attend the party and took in 11,400 euros, most of
which is profit as the food and wine are both sponsored so our expenses
are pretty small. At the party we announced that we have now got three
air tickets pledged to fly youngsters in for our next trip in June. The
sponsors are Master Yachts, Sturge Taylor and Astilleros Shipyard, A
very big thank you to them.

We also announced that we are going to do another 12 day trip in
October and for this we will bring two less advantaged kids from a UK
inner city charity as well as two from Sail Africa in Durban so it will be a
cultural exchange and should be very interesting. At this stage it looks
like it will be an all-girl affair. As soon as this was announced at the party
we were immediately donated the two air tickets from the UK – Thank
you Aigua Sea School and the yacht A Sulana. If anyone else would like
to sponsor and flight or even part of one, then please let us know by
sending an email to pandawade@gmail.com

A very big thank you to all of our sponsors and helpers who make this
event such a big success. In particular a huge thank you to Richard
Masters (Master Yachts supplied the food) for his moral support and
also to Carlos Feliu who every year fills up the big bottles with his superb
wine free of charge.

See you all next year??

The Marine Inspirations programme provides young people from around the world – who would otherwise not have the opportunity – with an insight into careers in the super-yachting and maritime industry, developing a range of seamanship skills and industry connections to improve their prospects.
For the past 21 years the Lawhill Maritime Centre www.lawhill.org has helped students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds embark on successful careers in the maritime industry  by providing them with an industry-focused education while still at school. Lawhill receives no state funding and is reliant on industry and individual support to fund its operations and provide student bursaries.

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