RCYC ACADEMY REPORT – by Lindani Mchunu

I report to you that Archangel is moored at the RCYC.

On the 4th of February 2018, myself and 4 academy students plus their day skipper instructor, Alex Mamacos, sailed the old lady from harbour Island. I had no doubt in my mind she would take us home, from the day we moved her from the marina in a spring tide with no hassle, I knew she wanted to go with me, I knew she had chosen me to embark on a new adventure, I knew she was crying out saying I have  more to give if only someone can give me purpose again. On the water she showed us that this is what she was built for, to be in the open ocean crashing into waves and carving her path. The history of Archangel is a contentious one, many sailors have different accounts of her achievements, yet one thing is for sure, she brings back a bygone era, for many, for the designer, boat builder and the first owner who commissioned her. There is still a lot to do on the boat, in the coming week we will be refitting the rig and probably getting a new diesel engine, seeing as she still has an old petrol engine. Yes the boat definitely needs a lot of work and acquiring a new boat would probably be the best option. Yet for me, it is exactly the kind of project our youngsters need. They will learn that in life, nothing is handed to you on a silver platter; they will learn that opportunity is just the beginning of success, they will learn that to be given something means you have acquired responsibility. In the age of instant gratification, young people more than ever need to learn that success comes at a cost. What you haven’t worked and bled for will never be appreciated, life more often than not brings things into your path that are not ready made, but rather require your effort and dedication to make them work. Right now Archangel sits in a bit of a state, but that is a temporary state, if we want it bad enough, she can be up and running and maybe giving some newer boats a run for their money.

What brings me joy is that my kids will learn what it means to take full ownership of their destiny, to make something work, through challenges and strife. One day when they take podium with this boat, they will look back and say we did it, we worked hard to get her here and she rewarded us. Our first sacrifice will be missing out on the Mykonos regatta, because our old girl is still not ready. She got us here from Gordon’s Bay and
that is good enough for now. Three of our students are writing their day skipper theory exams next week, they passed their practical with flying colours. One of those students will go on to do his senior instructor course in Mossel Bay on the 16. We are preparing for greatness, it takes time if it’s going to last forever. We have an Archangel watching over us now, we cannot fail.

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