Rope and Cordage Splicing Seminar - Majorca, April 2015

The Mediterranean summer programme began on Saturday 25th April, with a morning of seamanship-skills instruction at the Astilleros de Mallorca shipyard premises. With the support of the company Trabajos en Cabos – The Splicing Team – and conducted by master rigger Dave Bieling, this Marine Inspirations initiative invited local seafarers to spend the morning learning something of the intricacies of rope usage and rope splicing, a key element in this seamanship art.

Many thanks to master rigger and mariner Dave Bieling for kindly conducting this Seminar and also to Sheridan Fey for co-ordinating the arrangements for the attendees. Our warm thanks too to ‘Pachi’ at Trabajos de Cabos, for providing the venue and rope-work materials at Astilleros.


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