Old Port Ibiza

Old Port Ibiza

With our first project event at the Ibiza Rendezvous Regatta concluded last week, and recognised by all as a resounding success, our first two student sailors have now returned home to South Africa.

A big thanks to the Ibiza Rendezvous team and to all of those who supported and sponsored this first great event.

Planning is on-going to identify and plan our next event and select our lucky student candidates. We look forward to receiving your


Our warm and sincere thanks to:

  • Spike Thompson and the organizers -Amanda, Melanie, and Alex – of the Ibiza Rendezvous for sponsoring our entry fee for the regatta.
  • Debbie Owen and the Lawhill Maritime Centre team in South Africa for the ‘home-side’ arrangements.
  • Members of the General Botha Old Boys Bursary Fund for providing important items and travel necessities for the boys prior to their departure.
  • Trev Simpson for driving the boys to their preparatory Passport and Visa appointments in Cape Town, and for ferrying them to and from the airport for their trip.
  • David Just for keeping the Twitter-sphere alive from South Africa with Tweets during the event.
  • Accommodation Palma for assisting with shore-side accommodation during the Regatta.
  • Ticket Travel Agency of Portals Nous in Mallorca for travel assistance and for providing Travel Insurance for the boys.
  • Annette Forsythe for providing Spending Money for Bradley and Ronaldo during the event.
  • Alan Muir from Mallorca Clothing Company for our great event Polo Shirts and embroidery.
  • Colin Squire of Yachting Matters for attending from the UK and covering the event, for great and humorous company, and fantastic photos and a story for the magazine in the pipeline.
  • Antonio Cruz Puerto for his energetic arrangements as fore-deck boss, and for all of his other tireless organizational assistance.
  • Imprenta Nueva Balear for our great Marine Inspirations calling cards.
  • Anne Wade for keeping a hungry crew very well fed and watered.
  • Marina Ibiza and Ibiza Local Government for hosting a great event.
  • Terry Clark for building and managing our website and for his great assistance during the event both aboard and ashore.
  • Bill Symmonds for making the special effort to fly out from South Africa to support our event and for his fine company in Ibiza.
  • and to all of the organizers, yacht-crews and owners, and other supporters, for providing a most wonderful experience for Bradley and Ronaldo – made possible by the warm support and generosity of these friends of Marine Inspirations.

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