Our warm and sincere thanks to:

Spike Thompson and the organizers –Amanda, Melanie, and Alex – of the Ibiza Rendezvous for sponsoring our entry fee for the regatta.
Debbie Owen and the Lawhill Maritime Centre team in South Africa for the ‘home-side’ arrangements.
Members of the General Botha Old Boys Bursary Fund for providing important items and travel necessities for the boys prior to their departure.
Trev Simpson for driving the boys to their preparatory Passport and Visa appointments in Cape Town, and for ferrying them to and from the airport for their trip.
David Just for keeping the Twitter-sphere alive from South Africa with Tweets during the event.
Accommodation Palma for assisting with shore-side accommodation during the Regatta.
Ticket Travel Agency of Portals Nous in Mallorca for travel assistance and for providing Travel Insurance for the boys.
Annette Forsythe for providing Spending Money for Bradley and Ronaldo during the event.
Alan Muir from Mallorca Clothing Company for our great event Polo Shirts and embroidery.
Colin Squire of Yachting Matters for attending from the UK and covering the event, for great and humorous company, and fantastic photos and a story for the magazine in the pipeline.
Antonio Cruz Puerto for his energetic arrangements as fore-deck boss, and for all of his other tireless organizational assistance.
Imprenta Nueva Balear for our great Marine Inspirations calling cards.
Anne Wade for keeping a hungry crew very well fed and watered.
Marina Ibiza and Ibiza Local Government for hosting a great event.
Terry Clark for building and managing our website and for his great assistance during the event both aboard and ashore.
Bill Symmonds for making the special effort to fly out from South Africa to support our event and for his fine company in Ibiza.
and to all of the organizers, yacht-crews and owners, and other supporters, for providing a most wonderful experience for Bradley and Ronaldo – made possible by the warm support and generosity of these friends of Marine Inspirations.

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