Palma SYC 2016 Race Days 6-7

DAY 6 Thursday 23 rd and the first day of racing. Buhlale was on P2, Loyiso on Tenaz and Luyolo on Mariette, the classic schooner  uilt in 1915. It was a fine day of racing, blue skies and a light to moderate sea breeze in the afternoon which saw both P2 and Mariette winning their respective classes. The boys partook in the after race BBQ and then back to Aloha J for sleep.

DAY 7 Another beautiful, but hot day with light winds. The sea breeze kicked in again in the afternoon as usual in the Bay of Palma and yet again P2 and Mariette won their class. It was a long day on the water and the boys went back to Aloha J right after racing, totally exhausted but with big smiles on their faces.

You can read the detailed report on Day 2 of the racing in the Superyacht Cup’s newsletter


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