Palma SYC 2016 Summary Days 1-4

DAY 1 The boys, Luyolo, Buhlale and Loyiso all arrive on time here in Palma at the start of their 2 week adventure. Anthony took them straight to “Aloha J of Cariba” the 24 meter schooner which will be their home while they are here. After a quick shower we took them to an “all you can eat” Chinese restaurant which made a big impression, after which they retired to the boat for an afternoon snooze to recover from their flight. This is the first time any of them had been into an airport, let alone on an aeroplane or out of the country!

DAY 2 Being Sunday it was a slow start followed by some knot tying lessons and a touristic walk around the old town of Palma. Dinner was home smoked chicken on the Wade’s roof terrace, enjoyed by all.

deckers_logo   masteryachts_logo

DAY 3 The day started with an interesting visit to Master Yachts, a yacht management company responsible for many very large yachts world wide. Thanks Rob and Richard for this which the boys really enjoyed. From there we went aboard Mia Cara, a 39 meter sail boat which is out of the water doing a major refit. Lunch was “do-it- yourself” sandwiches at the Wade house and then a visit to isione”, a 45 meter super yacht specifically built for racing. An amazing machine, ultra light and very fast and a big contrast to Mia Cara and Lady B, our next visit. Lady B is also 45 meters but a luxury charter sailing boat designed by Ed Dubois. Peter the captain and Etienne, a fellow South African gave them a great tour and each got a turn going up the mast in the hydraulic crow’s next. Anthony took the boys out for dinner and an early night after a long day.

DAY 4 Anthony needed some help preparing the good ship Aloha J so the boys were seconded and got some valuable hands on experience taking down the headsail and making repairs. They then made their own lunch on board and came back to Santa Catalina for a visit to Deckers Uniforms. This sounds a bit boring but it is really interesting to see how big this business is and a good lesson in logistics. The boys were fascinated by the rows of embroidery machines doing 2000 stitches a minute! David Ireland the owner gave them a really interesting tour or the shop and work shop.

Laureen (“Law”) Phil’s niece is here visiting from London to help out and she wanted to do her bit by taking the boys out for a pizza last night.

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